MAPEPE Tangle Care Brush
MAPEPE Tangle Care Brush
MAPEPE Tangle Care Brush
MAPEPE Tangle Care Brush
MAPEPE Tangle Care Brush
MAPEPE Tangle Care Brush

MAPEPE Tangle Care Brush

MAPEPE SKU: 4901604571117

MAPEPE Tangle Care Brush

MAPEPE SKU: 4901604571117
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Smoothly tangles your hair. Soft pins feel comfortable on the scalp

tangle care brush

For smooth, beautiful hair without tangles. The thin, soft pin with a bead on the tip comfortably massages her scalp.

・Removes hair tangles smoothly. The thin, soft, ball-tipped pins have plenty of raised hair and effortlessly loosen tangled hair, making your hair silky smooth.
- Gentle arch that fits the scalp
The gentle arch fits your scalp comfortably! Furthermore, the pin with a tip massages the scalp for maximum comfort.・Ideal for bundling. The fine and generous pins firmly catch thin and short hair, making it easy to tie your hair up.


Material (material/raw materials) Pattern: Natural wood (maple), Pin: Nylon

           W43 × D35 × H212 / 73g

How to use

Brush your hair from the roots to the ends. If your hair is severely tangled, try combing it from the ends first, and gradually work your way to the roots. Do not forcefully comb tangled hair.

[Effective usage]
1) Brushing in the morning and at night
Brush your hair before styling in the morning to create manageable and easy-to-style hair. Brush your hair at night before going to bed. By removing tangles before going to bed, your hair will be calm the next morning.
2) Brushing before shampooing
Brushing your hair before shampooing will remove tangles and increase the effectiveness of the shampoo! Straight hair with no tangles will lather with just a small amount of shampoo. (There are individual differences) *Do not use on wet hair.
[Cleaning method]
* Do not get the main unit wet or wash it with water. There is a risk of pin deterioration, natural wood deformation, paint peeling, etc.
・If loose hair or dust accumulates on the brush part, please remove it frequently. ・If the brush gets hair conditioner or gets dirty, wipe it off with a dry cloth.

・Please, do not use it for any purpose other than a hairbrush. ・Please refrain from using if you have an abnormality such as eczema on your scalp. ・Please brush with appropriate force so as not to put stress on your hair and scalp. ・Please use the hair dryer at least 15cm away. Please do not expose it to heat from a hair dryer for a long time or pour hot water (over 90 degrees Celsius) on it as this may deform the product. ・Do not apply hair conditioner directly to the brush. Also, please avoid using it in combination with hair restorers. This may cause deterioration. - After use, avoid high temperatures, direct sunlight, and high humidity, and store in a clean and well-ventilated place away from moisture. - When placing the brush, please place it with the brush side facing upward to avoid bending the pins. ・Please keep out of reach of children.
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