MAPEPE Speed Dry Hair Towel
MAPEPE Speed Dry Hair Towel
MAPEPE Speed Dry Hair Towel
MAPEPE Speed Dry Hair Towel
MAPEPE Speed Dry Hair Towel
MAPEPE Speed Dry Hair Towel
MAPEPE Speed Dry Hair Towel
MAPEPE Speed Dry Hair Towel

MAPEPE Speed Dry Hair Towel

MAPEPE SKU: 4901604571575

MAPEPE Speed Dry Hair Towel

MAPEPE SKU: 4901604571575
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Instant Water Absorption! Soft and Fluffy Towel

MAPEPE Speed Dry Hair Towel

● Instant water absorption
  • By gently wrapping your hair in thick fabric, it instantly absorbs moisture from your hair. You can remove moisture from your hair without scrubbing it hard, so your hair won't get damaged easily!
●I want to touch it all the time
  • Soft to the touch. By adding thickness to the towel fabric, we have achieved a unique chewy feel. Because it's something you use every day, we paid particular attention to the texture that you'll want to touch all the time.
●Uses cut pile
  • Uses cut pile to reduce unpleasant squishy feeling. Since we use a cut pile instead of a regular pile, the unpleasant squishy feeling that gets caught in hair is reduced, making it stress-free to use.
●Wraps up long hair well
  • This large towel is approximately 85cm long and can wrap long hair securely.
How to Care
  • Can be washed in a household washing machine.
  • Wash by hand or in a washing machine with gentle water at a temperature below 30°C.
  • Please use a neutral detergent and do not use detergents that contain optical brighteners or bleach.
  • Please refrain from using fabric softener as it may reduce the water absorption effect.
  • We recommend washing in a laundry net.
  • Avoid washing with items of different colors or soaking. Color fading or color transfer may occur.
  • After washing, arrange the shape in a well-ventilated place and dry it in the shade to dry thoroughly.
  • Do not use a dryer or iron.

How to Use

Wrap your hair in a towel and gently press it against the top to remove moisture.

  • *Water absorbency may decrease with repeated use. If you can no longer feel the water absorption, it is a good idea to replace it.

  • Please do not use this product for any purpose other than its intended purpose.
  • Please wash once before use.
  • A fuzz may appear when washing for the first time.
  • If you experience skin irritation, itching, pain, or discomfort during use, please stop using it immediately and consult our contact information or a dermatologist.
  • Color may fade if exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.
  • Please keep away from fire. Since it is a material that is sensitive to heat, it may melt or change color if it comes into contact with hot objects.
  • Please keep out of reach of children.


Internal capacity 1 sheet
Material (material/raw materials) 85% polyester, 15% nylon
Body weight (g) 118g
Body size (W x D x H (mm)) W850 × D5 × H380
Exterior weight (g) 155g
Exterior size (W x D x H (mm)) W140 × D70 × H210
Country of origin China


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