MAPEPE Heat Curler S With Clip 3Pcs
MAPEPE Heat Curler S With Clip 3Pcs

MAPEPE Heat Curler S With Clip 3Pcs

MAPEPE SKU: 4901604582373

MAPEPE Heat Curler S With Clip 3Pcs

MAPEPE SKU: 4901604582373
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Feel like hot curlers with a hair dryer

MAPEPE Heat Curler S With Clip 3Pcs

Easy to use with a hair dryer to create hot curlers! You can quickly create curly hair♪
  • One-touch tape: Sticks tightly to your hair and catches it firmly!
  • Aluminum: Transfers the heat of the hair dryer efficiently and completes curls quickly.
  • Resin: Since it is grid-shaped, the air from the dryer can easily pass through!
  • Flat design: The handle part can be folded, so it is comfortable to use for bangs, etc.
  • Lattice type clip: Allows air from the dryer to pass through, improving heat conduction effect↑
  • Wave shape: Comfortable as it won't leave marks on your hair ☆ Smaller 26mm x 3P

How to use

  1. Wrap your hair around the curlers.
  2. Attach the clip. Curls quickly with warm air from the hair dryer.
  • Keep your style firmly in place by applying cold air!
  • For detailed hair arrangement methods, check out HOW TO BOOK!

*If you are using a hair dryer, please keep it about 20cm away and do not continue to use it for more than 30 seconds. Please shake it gently when using so that the heat reaches the entire curler without letting it stick to the curler or concentrating on one area.
*It may come off easily depending on your hairstyle, such as hair volume, hair quality, and length.
*This product itself does not generate heat.

  • Do not use for purposes other than hair curlers.
  • Do not use it if you have any abnormalities on your scalp such as eczema or scars.
  • Keep away from places with fire.
  • Do not pull this product too hard or apply excessive force. There is a risk of damage.
  • Do not apply hair conditioner directly to this product or get it wet.
  • When removing it, please remove it carefully and slowly. Please note that depending on your hair type, your hair may get tangled in the curler.
  • After use, remove moisture and dirt and store in a clean and well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity.
  • It can be used repeatedly, but if it is very dirty, please use a new one.
  • Please keep out of reach of children.

Internal capacity Three
Material (material/raw materials) Aluminum, nylon, PP, ABS (heat-resistant temperature 80℃)
Body size (W x D x H (mm)) W63 × D32 × H43
Exterior weight (g) 66g
Exterior size (W x D x H (mm)) W100 × D45 × H195
country of origin China
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