Ducato cuticle nipper
Ducato cuticle nipper
Ducato cuticle nipper

Ducato cuticle nipper

DUCATO SKU: 4901604468783

Ducato cuticle nipper

DUCATO SKU: 4901604468783
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Nippers that cut cuticles to make your fingertips look beautiful

Blade width: approx. 3mm
The cutting edge is precisely finished, making it ideal for cutting cuticles and hangnails.

How to use

*Please be careful not to cut too much of the cuticle area as this may cause hangnails.

  • Warm your fingertips with hot water or use a cuticle remover to soften the cuticles in advance.
  • Cut the cuticle part little by little without applying excessive force.

*After use, please attach the included cap to protect the cutting edge. When putting on the cap, grip the handle lightly and close the cutting edge before putting it on. At that time, please be careful not to push the cap too hard as it will be difficult to remove. Also, when removing the cap, close the cutting edge in the same way before removing it.

Precautions for use
●This is a knife, so please handle with care. ●This nipper is designed specifically for nails, so please do not use it for any purpose other than cutting nails. ●Never use it to cut hard objects such as metal. ●Do not remove or loosen the spring mounting screws and joints. This may cause problems with the spring's operation. ●Do not grip the blade with more force than necessary or apply strong impact to the cutting edge. Please be careful as the blade may spill or become deformed. ●The tip is sharp, so do not subject it to strong impacts such as dropping it. ●Although the main body is made of stainless steel, if you leave it with moisture or dirt attached, it may cause rust, so please wipe off moisture and dirt thoroughly after use and store it in a clean place. ●When not using the tool for a long period of time, apply a commercially available anti-rust agent to the cutting edge and store it. ●Please keep out of reach of children.
Material (material/raw materials) Body: Stainless steel knife Cap: Elastomer
Exterior weight (g) 59g
Exterior size (W x D x H (mm)) W69 × D14 × H145

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