CANMAKE Concealer Brow Mascara
CANMAKE Concealer Brow Mascara
CANMAKE Concealer Brow Mascara
CANMAKE Concealer Brow Mascara
CANMAKE Concealer Brow Mascara

CANMAKE Concealer Brow Mascara

可以使 SKU: 4901008317380

CANMAKE Concealer Brow Mascara

可以使 SKU: 4901008317380
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Solve your black brow woes!
Create the bleached-brow look with this eyebrow concealer

Conceals black eyebrows!
An eyebrow concealer you apply over your natural eyebrows
● This eyebrow concealer covers up the black of your natural brows.
Toning down the presence of your brows makes it simple to create sophisticated-looking eyebrows ♡
● You can change the shape and impression of your brows at will,
to suit your make-up or your mood, without shaving or plucking your eyebrows more than necessary.

Makes the color of eyebrow products applied over the top stand out beautifully
● By concealing the natural color of your brows,the color of eyebrow powders and the like applied over the top will show up properly,enabling you to enjoy a wider range of eyebrow make-up.

Although it’s a concealer, it creates a soft, light finish
● This is a water-based formulation created from an eyebrow mascara base, so it gives brows a soft, light finish, while still providing thorough coverage.

Mini-brush makes application easy, without coating the skin beneath
● The brush features rounded bristles that are just the right length, despite its compact size.
Captures every single brow hair to coat it thoroughly.

♡How to Use♡
Team it with any items you wish ♡
Pencil/liquid ▶
1 Apply this product from the tail of the brow toward the head, against the direction of growth.
2 Then apply from the head of the brow toward the tail, with the direction of growth.
♡ The key here is to apply the mascara only in the direction of growth (not against it)!

*Pressing too hard when applying other products over this one may cause this product to flake off, so please apply them gently.

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