ROSY ROSA Oil Blotting Paper 120P

ROSY ROSA Oil Blotting Paper 120P

ROSY ROSA SKU: 4901604454533

ROSY ROSA Oil Blotting Paper 120P

ROSY ROSA SKU: 4901604454533
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Oil blotting paper made from Mino Washi, a world-renowned traditional Japanese paper. It is made with 100% carefully selected natural hemp for excellent absorption. A mesmerizing texture made with a skilled manufacturing method!

Mino Japanese paper 100% natural hemp oil blotting paper (120 sheets)


◎ Oil blotting paper made with Mino Japanese paper! ◎Made of 100% natural hemp with excellent absorbency! ◎“Enchanting skin texture” created by skilled manufacturing methods

How to use

●Please take out the amount you will use one by one. (Pop-up type that makes it easy to remove one layer at a time) ●Please use by pressing lightly on areas where you are concerned about excess sebum and shine. ●Can be used before or after applying makeup. ●Can also be used as a lip tissue after applying lipstick. After using the lipstick, lightly pinch it between your lips.

●Please do not use it for any other purpose. ●Do not use if you have any abnormalities on your skin or if it does not suit your skin. ●Do not rub strongly against your skin. ●This paper does not dissolve in water, so please do not flush it down the toilet. ●Please keep children out of reach. Also, avoid storing in places with extremely high temperatures, direct sunlight, or high humidity.
Internal capacity 120 pieces
Material (material/raw materials) [Body] 100% linen
Body size (W x D x H (mm)) W76 × D3 × H95
Exterior weight (g) 25g


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