ROSY ROSA Natural Sea Sponge S 2P
ROSY ROSA Natural Sea Sponge S 2P

ROSY ROSA Natural Sea Sponge S 2P

ROSY ROSA SKU: 4901604455196

ROSY ROSA Natural Sea Sponge S 2P

ROSY ROSA SKU: 4901604455196
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Natural sponge sponge that becomes soft when soaked with water

Natural sea sponge S 2P

It is a naturally occurring sponge (silk type) that becomes soft when it absorbs water. Can be used for a wide range of purposes, including face washing and makeup. Since it is a natural product, there are individual differences, but the maximum size is about 55 mm.

How to use

  • ●For face washing:
    Soak a natural sponge in water to make it soft, then apply face wash, lather well, and then gently wash your face.
  • ●Foundation (liquid, cream, water):
    Moisten natural sponge with water and squeeze lightly before use.
[Cleaning method]
●If it gets dirty, wash it lightly with lukewarm water diluted with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly, then remove the moisture and dry it in the shade. ●If the surface of the sponge breaks or the texture becomes rough and feels uncomfortable on the skin, please replace it with a new one.

  • ★As it is a natural material, it may very rarely contain minute impurities (pebbles, shells, etc.). Please check for impurities before use. You may also see black dots, which are part of the seaweed. There is no problem with the quality of use, but if you are concerned about it, please remove it before use. Please note that there may be slight differences in size, shape, color, etc. Also, it may be less durable than sponges made of synthetic rubber.
●If you have any abnormalities on your skin or if it does not suit your skin, please stop using it immediately. ●Do not twist or tighten the product as this may cause damage. Also, do not soak it in hot water. ●When storing, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and keep out of reach of children.
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