ROSY ROSA eyelash curler

ROSY ROSA eyelash curler

ROSY ROSA SKU: 4901604450504

ROSY ROSA eyelash curler

ROSY ROSA SKU: 4901604450504
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Kururin curls that fit perfectly on the eyelids and create a perfect eye area

eyelash curler

Curls your eyelashes with a natural curve.Uses silicone rubber with excellent elasticity.Comes with 2 replacement elastics.

How to use

Please use it before applying mascara and false eyelashes. 
② Align the curler with the eyelid, pinch the root of the eyelash, and curl it in 3 to 4 times, moving it little by little toward the tip (like raising your arm).

●Please refrain from pinching or pulling the eyelashes too hard as this may cause the eyelashes to fall out or break. ●If the product becomes deformed due to being dropped or subjected to strong force, please stop using it and replace it with a new one. ●Please wipe off dirt frequently with a tissue, etc., and always use it in a clean state. ●If you use it for a long time, the elasticity of the rubber will weaken and you will not be able to curl it neatly, so please replace it with a new one. ●Please keep out of reach of children.


Material (material/raw materials) Body/Iron (chrome plated) Rubber/Silicon rubber
Exterior size (W x D x H (mm)) W75 × D35 × H150





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