ROSY ROSA Ecotton 120 pieces
ROSY ROSA Ecotton 120 pieces
ROSY ROSA Ecotton 120 pieces

ROSY ROSA Ecotton 120 pieces

ROSY ROSA SKU: 4901604457282

ROSY ROSA Ecotton 120 pieces

ROSY ROSA SKU: 4901604457282
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100% natural cotton that is good for your skin and the environment

Ecotton 120 pieces MADE IN JAPAN 

While maintaining its soft feel, this cotton is made by collecting and recycling scraps from the cotton manufacturing process, reducing waste as much as possible for the sake of the environment. In addition, both sides have been treated to prevent fuzzing. Contains a large capacity of 120 sheets that can be used for daily skin care.

By using cotton pads for dry areas such as around the eyes and nostrils and uneven skin, the lotion and emulsion can be delivered to every corner of the skin.

Manufacturing method of eco-friendly cotton [Ecotton]

  • Loosen the scraps you have collected and roll them out into a thin sheet.
  • Layers of thin sheets are layered together with air.
  • Both sides are treated to prevent fuzzing and then cut.
How to us



Internal capacity 120 pieces
Material (material/raw materials) cotton
Body size (W x D x H (mm)) W70 × H60
Exterior weight (g) 80g

For putting and wipingPlace the cotton on your middle finger and pinch it while pulling it gently between your index and ring fingers. Add an appropriate amount of your lotion or emulsion. Glide it over the skin, starting from the center of the face and working outwards, from bottom to top. For cotton packsDip a cotton pad in your lotion until it is completely soaked, and apply it to the areas that are concerned about dryness. The recommended time is about 5 to 10 minutes. In case of nail-offAdd your nail polish remover to about a coin. Remove the nail by sliding it over the nail. 

Precautions for use
●Please refrain from using it for purposes other than cosmetics. ●Since natural cotton is used, yellow or black spots may remain on the surface or inside, but this does not affect the quality. ●Since this product is made of recycled cotton, there may be slight variations in thickness and skin texture. Please note. ●If it does not suit your skin, please stop using it. ●This product does not dissolve in water. Please do not flush it down the toilet after use. ●Please avoid extremely hot or cold places and places exposed to direct sunlight. Also, after opening, please store it in a clean place to prevent dust and dirt from entering. ●Please keep children out of reach.
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