ROSY ROSA Chiffon Touch Sponges 3P PL
ROSY ROSA Chiffon Touch Sponges 3P PL

ROSY ROSA Chiffon Touch Sponges 3P PL

ROSY ROSA SKU: 4901604456391

ROSY ROSA Chiffon Touch Sponges 3P PL

ROSY ROSA SKU: 4901604456391
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ROSY ROSA Chiffon Touch Sponges 3P PL (purple limited) 

A makeup sponge that is as light and soft as chiffon. It can be used not only for powder foundation, but also for liquid foundation and concealer. A diamond shape with rounded corners that makes it easy to use and a rich thickness.

Approximately 77mm x 57mm, thickness: approximately 22.5mm

How to use

《For powder foundation》
Use without water
Take an appropriate amount of foundation on a sponge and smooth it over your skin.
Use with water
If you use a sponge soaked in water, wring it out thoroughly before use. Finish by gently tapping it on your skin for a more translucent finish.
《For concealer》
Apply concealer to areas of concern such as age spots and acne scars, and use the tip of the sponge to gently tap it into your skin. If you are using liquid or cream foundation, please avoid applying it directly to the sponge as it is highly absorbent.
[Cleaning method]
●When the sponge gets dirty, dissolve a mild kitchen detergent in lukewarm water and gently massage it with your hands. After rinsing thoroughly, remove moisture and dry in the shade. ●If the texture of the sponge becomes rough, it is time to replace it.
Precautions for use
●Please do not use it for purposes other than those listed above. ●If it does not suit your skin, please stop using it immediately. ●Always use a clean sponge. After soaking with water, be sure to dry it thoroughly before storing it. ●Please keep out of reach of children. Also, avoid storing in places with extremely high or low temperatures, direct sunlight, or high humidity.
Internal capacity 1 piece
Material (material/raw materials) NBR (synthetic rubber)
Body weight (g) 7g
Body size (W x D x H (mm)) W77 × D23 × H57
Exterior weight (g) 9g
Exterior size (W x D x H (mm)) W95 × D23 × H150
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