Mapepe Mixed Roll Brush With Soft Natural Bristles
Mapepe Mixed Roll Brush With Soft Natural Bristles
Mapepe Mixed Roll Brush With Soft Natural Bristles
Mapepe Mixed Roll Brush With Soft Natural Bristles

Mapepe Mixed Roll Brush With Soft Natural Bristles

MAPEPE SKU: 4901604582748

Mapepe Mixed Roll Brush With Soft Natural Bristles

MAPEPE SKU: 4901604582748
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Hair is shiny and soft blow-dry.

Mixed roll brush with soft natural bristles

●You can blow with just the right amount of tension. A mix of boar and nylon hair gives the hair just the right amount of tension, making it ideal for blow-drying straight hair. Airy curls, straight hair, volume on top...Set it to suit your mood!●Easy to use with one handSecurely catches hair with boar bristles and long nylon pins. Easy to use with one hand or even with a small hand.
*Please use both hands to add volume to the top.●For polishing and suppressing sleeping habitsNatural boar bristles give your hair natural shine and manageability. Since it is made of chewy natural hair, it is perfect for controlling sleeping habits.

W55 × D55 × H215 / 68g

Material (material/raw materials) [Handle] Natural wood/ABS resin
[Hair] Boar bristles, [Pin] Nylon

How to use

●Fluffy curls...
Place the brush horizontally on the ends of your hair, wrap it around once, and blow dry.
●Top volume...
Take a section of your hair where you want it to stand up and comb it thoroughly. Hold the hair strands up, place the brush at the roots, gently cover the hair strands from above, and apply a hair dryer. Once the heat has cooled down, remove the brush by holding the roots of the hair and combing it without turning it.
Pull the hair straight with light force and blow-dry while applying tension.
[Cleaning method]
●Due to the nature of the brush, hair loss and dust tend to accumulate in the brush area, so we recommend frequent cleaning. After use, carefully remove hair and dust from the brush with a hairbrush cleaner. ●If the brush gets hair conditioner or dirty, wipe it off with a dry cloth.
* Do not get the central unit wet or wash it with water. There is a risk of deterioration of the hair quality, deformation of the natural wood, and peeling of the paint. Also, if water enters through the air holes, it may cause mold growth.


●Please do not use it for any purpose other than a hairbrush. ●Please refrain from using this product if you have any abnormalities such as eczema on your scalp. ●Please brush with moderate force to avoid putting stress on your hair and scalp. ●Comb the ends of your hair first, and gradually work your way down to the roots. Do not forcefully comb tangled hair. ●Please use the hair dryer at least 15cm away. Please do not expose it to heat from a hair dryer for a long time or pour boiling water (over 80 degrees Celsius) on it as this may deform the product. ●Do not apply hair conditioner directly to the brush. Also, please avoid using it in combination with hair restorers. This may cause deterioration. ●Brushes made with natural hair may have a slight animal hair smell when you first use it, but it will gradually fade as you continue to use it. Also, if it gets wet, animal hair may have a peculiar odor for a while, but it will disappear once it is scorched. Please dry thoroughly. ●After use, avoid direct sunlight and store in a clean and well-ventilated place away from moisture. ●Please keep children out of reach.
[Precautions when creating curls]
  • *This product is not intended for creating solid curls.
  • *Please do not use if your hair is wet or semi-dry.
  • *Please comb a small amount of hair well to remove any tangles.
  • * Do not wrap it around the brush more than once.
  • * Please use only on the part close to the ends of the hair and never wrap it all the way to the roots. Please be especially careful when using it near the back of the head.
  • *When removing your curled hair from the brush, slowly pull it straight back in the opposite direction to the direction in which it was curled. Do not forcefully pull it sideways.
  • *Depending on your hair type, you may wind it too tightly. At first, please use a small amount of hair and check the condition.
  • *Depending on your hair type and amount, it may be not easy to curl or the finish may vary.


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