MAPEPE Bangs Set Comb
MAPEPE Bangs Set Comb
MAPEPE Bangs Set Comb
MAPEPE Bangs Set Comb
MAPEPE Bangs Set Comb

MAPEPE Bangs Set Comb

MAPEPE SKU: 4901604571728

MAPEPE Bangs Set Comb

MAPEPE SKU: 4901604571728
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You can create fluffy bangs without hardening them.

Bangs Set Comb

~A comb for setting bangs that are used by sprinkling styling agent~
The bangs come together fluffy without being stiff...
  • The base of the comb has a shape that makes it easy to apply styling products. The styling agent sticks firmly to the comb, so you can apply it evenly to your hair, creating easy and fluffy bangs without hardening it!
It also suppresses dark hair! With point comb...
  • The set comes with a convenient point comb that can be used to tame any unwanted hair.

Also for curly hair...

  • If you put your hair together with a comb applied with a styling product, even loose hair will stick tightly. For clean and neat hair.
  • Made of material that does not easily deteriorate even if styling agents adhere to it. You can use it by spraying it directly onto the comb.

Material (material/raw materials) polymethyl pentene
Body weight (g) 11g
Body size (W x D x H (mm)) W35 × D10 × H208
Exterior weight (g) 20g
Exterior size (W x D x H (mm)) W48 × D30 × H245
country of origin Japan
How to use

Spray an appropriate amount of styling spray on both sides of the comb and comb several times until the styling agent is absorbed. Please adjust it to your liking. The more you comb it, the more natural the finish will be! *The results may vary depending on the hair type and styling agent used.

◆Care instructions◆

  • After use, do not leave the styling product unattended; wash with lukewarm water containing a mild kitchen detergent, drain well, and dry in the shade.
  • *Storing the comb with styling products attached may cause deterioration of the comb itself or the items it touches.
Precautions for use
  • Please do not use it for any purpose other than a hair comb.
  • Please refrain from using this product if you have any abnormalities such as eczema on your scalp.
  • Please use appropriate force when combing so as not to put stress on your hair and scalp.
  • Do not forcefully comb the tangled hair.
  • Please do not use it with a hair dryer. Doing so may cause deformation or damage.
  • Please do not pour boiling water (over 75 degrees Celsius) on the product as it may deform the product.
  • Please do not use it with hair growth agents. This may cause deterioration.
  • If you apply excessive force to this product, it may become deformed or damaged.
  • Please be careful as the tip of the handle is sharp.
  • Please keep out of reach of children.


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