Ducato cuticle trimer
Ducato cuticle trimer
Ducato cuticle trimer
Ducato cuticle trimer
Ducato cuticle trimer

Ducato cuticle trimer

DUCATO SKU: 4901604461180

Ducato cuticle trimer

DUCATO SKU: 4901604461180
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Clear cuticles and hangnails! Remove cuticles with ease

For extra cuticles and hangnail! A cuticle trimmer that cuts the cuticle on the surface of the nail.

How to use

● Clean your nails and cuticles before use.


Use the pusher at the tip of the handle to gently push up the excess cuticles protruding from the surface of the nail in a circular motion.


Apply the Y-shaped cutter to the pushed-up cuticle and gently move it along the cuticle line to remove it.

* Excessive cutting will damage the skin.

* Please note that you may hurt your skin if you use too much force or move it vigorously.

* After use, moisturize with cuticle oil.

●Please handle with care as it is a knife. ●Please do not use it for any purpose other than removing cuticles. ●Before use, please make sure that there are no people around. ●Do not use if your nails have any abnormalities. ●After use, wipe off dirt thoroughly and store in a clean place. *Do not use remover when wiping off dirt. The handle may melt and be damaged. ●Please keep out of reach of children.
Material (material/raw materials) Handle: PS, Metal: Stainless steel
Body weight (g) 7g
Body size (W x D x H (mm)) W7 × D7 × H117
Exterior weight (g) 9g
Exterior size (W x D x H (mm)) W43 × D5 × H180
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