CANMAKE Tokimeki Twinkle Eyeliner | Delivers a sophisticated shimmer...♡Liquid eyeliner with ultra-fine pearl. A sophisticated shimmer that’s not too flashy

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DUCATO Nailmine
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Answering your prayers for an eyeliner that won't run ♥An ultra-fine liquid eyeliner designed to lastQuick-drying formula stands up to water, sweat, sebum, and rubbing!

CANMAKE Foundation Colors | A nail foundation that creates the effect of beautiful natural nails.Add a natural-looking rosy glow, for nails that will turn heads

CANMAKE Eye Cream Primer ◼︎ An eye cream and eyeshadow primer in one , Enhances the color intensity and staying power of your eyeshadow / CANMAKE Lasting Multi Brow Coat ◼︎ A brow coat that keeps eyebrow make-up looking perfect!Guards your make-up against rubbing, water, sweat, and sebum

MAPEPE Dense Natural Hair Volume Care Brush ◼︎ The dense natural bristles firmly hold and soothe hair that tends to dry and spread.

Ducato Nail enamel remover F ◼︎ The floral scent eliminates the harsh odor that is typical of nail polish remover Ducato nail enamel remover aceton free ◼︎ A non-acetone type remover that is gentle on your nails. Grapefruit scent.