Nail foundation that makes your nails look beautiful 

♡ It naturally covers the irregularities, uneven color, and yellowing of your nails and makes them look natural. It can also be used as a colored base coat with a single application. Since two limited-edition colors were released (although it's been a while...), I also bought one standard color and compared the colors of three colors

✨ Each photo has a gradient coating, a gradient coating at the base of the nail, 5 degrees at the tip, and a top coat.  It develops color every time it is layered with sheer colors. I think the liquid is smooth and dries quickly.

▷01 Natural Pink Sheer pink that adds a sense of blood color It is close to Paradu's nail foundation RO01 Rose Ochre and PK2 thought pink (limited color). The blood color of the nails improves and looks healthy????

▷02 Lavender pink (limited color) Sheer bluish pink that adds blood color and transparency It is a color close to Paradou's nail foundation PK3 Ryokoi Pink (limited color) with bluish pink. Both blood color and transparency are just right???? It adapts to the blood color of your skin and improves transparency, and your hands look brighter✨

▷03 Sheer lilac (limited color) Thin sheer purple that adds transparency Blueish purple that is hard to see in nail foundation system☺️ It is a transparent explosion color that brightens your nails✨

Once applied, it develops a whitish color, and it becomes purple every time it is layered. However, if you color halfway, the blood color will look bad, so be careful. 

If you apply it twice, the blood will completely disappear from your nails and it will turn purple and look unhealthy???? Apply it once or 5 degrees and make it develop as much as you want. Looks good. It would be good to use it as a nuance change color or use it for blurring ♪ It was a review of three colors ♀️ 

It's a sheer coloring, but even if you apply it once, it doesn't become uneven and it's quick-drying and easy to use. 

02 Lavender pink, which achieves both blood color and transparency, is my favorite

03 Sheer lilac is also my favorite color that you don't see anywhere else 

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