Maybe you don’t need to bleach your brows anymore?!


Get trendy wispy brows that look as though you’ve bleached them!
On-trend soft, wispy brow finish.
New idea! Eyebrow concealer

Color-covering eyebrow concealer provides soft coverage for black brows.

Perfectly pigmented to eliminate the natural color of your brows!
The ideal eyebrow make-up.
☆Soft, light finish
☆Mini-brush won't coat the skin beneath


CANMAKE Concealer Brow Mascara

!Limited Item!

01 Pink Beige
A pink-toned bright beige that thoroughly conceals black eyebrows.

Add a subtle touch of nuanced color ♡
Stylish eye make-up

CANMAKE Creamy Touch Liner

09 Darjeeling Pink
A terracotta pink that adds a rosy luminosity to your complexion.
Just what you’ve been waiting for!
Back for a limited time

10 Cocoa Greige
A pinkish-beige that creates nuanced shading.

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