MAPEPE x Your best choice for this summer Gym, pool, travel, everyday bag



Gym, pool, travel, everyday bag ♪ 
Go out in a pastel mood.

Let's go out with smooth hair. Because it's mini, you can take it with you anytime, anywhere♪ For wet or dry hair.

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Product features

For wet hair, for dry hair. Mini size for easy care. 

For carrying to a gym or a pool

For brushing children

For those who want totry it

It fits comfortably on the scalp and is extremely comfortable to use. 

◆As a treatment brush…
By brushing the treatment and conditioner throughout the hair, the treatment effect is improved!
◆For brushing in front of the dryer…
Smoothly untangles wet hair before blow drying for tangle-free hair.
◆ Of course, for dry hair ...
For fine, tangle-free hair and thick, difficult-to-combize hair! The wide brush surface catches the hair firmly and leads to smooth and beautiful hair.
  • ・Anti-slip grip 
    prevents slipping even with wet hands.
  • ・With a hook hole that can be hung and stored

How to use

●When using on wet hair●
・Hold a small amount of hair bundles and comb from the ends first, then gradually comb the roots. ・Please comb gently in one direction. Do not comb backwards. ・Wet hair is prone to tangling, so comb it gently. ・Do not forcibly comb tangles of hair.
●When using on dry hair●
・Brush the hair from the root to the tip.
● If the hair is tangled ●
・First, comb the hair from the ends, and then gradually comb the roots. ・Do not forcibly comb tangles of hair.
[Effective usage]
①For brushing during treatment
After applying the treatment to the entire hair and blending it with your fingers, brush it to spread the treatment throughout the hair. 
  • * Comb from the tip of the hair first, and when the brush can pass through the entire tip of the hair smoothly, please comb the roots little by little. Do not comb out tangles of hair.
②For brushing wet hair before drying
Gently brush towel-dried hair to remove tangles. 
  • * Hold a small amount of hair, comb it from the tip first, and when the tangles are loosened, gradually comb the roots.
[Cleaning method]
●After use, do not leave any cosmetics (treatment, conditioner, hair styling agent, etc.) on the product. ●After rinsing, dry thoroughly with a towel, etc., and store in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.
  • * Please do not store the product with treatment, conditioner, or hair styling product attached as it may cause deformation, damage, or mold.

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