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Multi-use brush <Point>

Product features

The brush tip has a soft, tapered tip that makes it easy to draw with pinpoint precision. A brush that fits into creases and small areas such as eye shadow, tear bags, and lips. 
The ergonomically designed handle is stable and easy to hold and apply makeup! 

How to use

Multi-use that can be used widely
Tapered brush tip allows you to draw thin lines and is easy to use

Take an appropriate amount of powder or lipstick with a brush, adjust the amount with tissue paper, etc., and then apply it to your skin. 

* When using it as a lip brush, please refrain from using it with other cosmetics (eye shadow, etc.).

[Cleaning method]
●After use, please gently wipe away dirt with tissue paper, etc. ●If the dirt gets really bad, shake it lightly in lukewarm water diluted with a mild kitchen detergent, rinse thoroughly, remove moisture, trim the ends of the hair, and dry thoroughly in the shade. ●When storing, be careful not to deform the tips of the hair.

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