DUCATO NAIL MINE PASTEL COLOR X Lightly colored like a balloon



nail mine


Lightly colored like a balloon

Product features

  • ・Highly pigmented with one coat
  • ・Quick-dry prescription
  • ・Round cut makes it easy to apply!
  • ・It is recommended to paint with 3 strokes with 1 nail!
  • ・Vegan formula (No animal-derived ingredients are used. No animal testing is done.)
  • ・Cruelty Free
  • *Regarding 03 and 04, 
    pearls and pigments may separate and become white and marbled, but there is no quality problem. 
    Shake well before use.

●Shake well before use. ●Discontinue use if there is an abnormality on your nails or if it does not fit your nails. ●Tighten the lid tightly after use. ●Do not store in places with extremely high or low temperatures, in direct sunlight, or within reach of infants. ●Combustible fire is strictly prohibited. ●Do not use thinner.

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