2024 NEW Eyeliner with pearl nuance that thrills the eyes with a casual luster


CANMAKE Tokimeki Twinkle Eyeliner

✨Contains fine pearls✨ Elegantly shiny liquid eyeliner has appeared!

The package is here!

If you put three in line, the winter triangle ★ will appear????????

The eyes are shiny, recommended How To

02 Starry Dew is

I recommend pulling the corners of the eyes! ????

01 Cosmic Shower

03 Spiral Galaxy is

It is recommended to pull it firmly when you see it! ????

It's a color liner because it contains pearls.

It's familiar to the eyes and easy to use????

Even if you pull it firmly, you will feel like you are out!

Fuka-chan is

Tokimeki Twinkle Eyeliner 01

Pull firmly at the time of the eyes✨

Every time I blink, I'm excited by the eyes that shine casually...????

Pearl Nuance Liquid Eyeliner

Canmake Tokimeki Twinkle Eyeliner ¥1,045 each (tax included)

⭐ Contains fine pearls


⭐ Resistant to sebum and rubbing

⭐Easy to turn off with hot water

⭐Beauty essence ingredients

Recommended for beginners/

Felt pen type that is hard to shake

Shake well before use.


01 Cosmic Shower

A pink color that gives an elegant and sexy impression

Try matching it with pink eyeshadow✨

The color used by Koshiba Fuka-chan


02 Star Reedew

Navy type that produces clear eyes with a sense of transparency

Try matching it with brown or orange eyeshadow✨


03 Spiral Galaxy

Gray type that produces a sense of omission

Try matching it with brown eyeshadow✨

Click here for details of Tokimeki Twinkle Eyeliner

Less dullness! A new color of natural blood-colored reddish pink brown is now available!

Match the color of the eyes and make a clear face

Matte shadow that can be used for multiple eyebrows, eyeshadows, and eyeliner

Canmake Perfect Multi Eyes


08 Three's Chocolat

Reddish pink brown

To the fluffy and cute impression????

The color used by Koshiba Fuka-chan

05 Almond Mocha 

Mocha brown with a reddiness

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