DECORTÉ Vi-Fusion TOTAL RELIEF EYE MASK 3.3 mL x 6 pairs

DECORTÉ Vi-Fusion TOTAL RELIEF EYE MASK 3.3 mL x 6 pairs

DECORTÉ SKU: 4971710365054

DECORTÉ Vi-Fusion TOTAL RELIEF EYE MASK 3.3 mL x 6 pairs

DECORTÉ SKU: 4971710365054
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Vie means “life” in French.

While some western cultures attempt to dominate nature,

the Japanese seek to understand it,

helping bring meaning and a holistic viewpoint to life.

This philosophy is a driving force behind the DECORTÉ Laboratories’ latest collection,

an effort to work with nature and the body’s natural rhythms to help it perform better as a whole.

The result is DECORTÉ Vi-Fusion™

– a radical new approach fused with nature.


DECORTÉ Vi-Fusion’s Aqueous Algin-Mesh forms a breathable barrier on the skin,

holding onto moisture to create a lasting resilience.

The result is a stronger dermal barrier

that helps protect skin against stress and strengthen immunity

from the ever-growing array of environmental assaults.


Drawn from geo-thermal volcanic springs,

DECORTÉ Vi-Fusion’s Transilient Onsen Water infuses skin with potassium, magnesium,

sodium and other vital elements in micro-sizes that will not stress the skin or cause further inflammation.

Revitalizing the skin in this way helps its ability to naturally heal, rebuild and renew.


DECORTÉ Vi-Fusion’s Pro-Density Network technology works on deep below the epidermal layer of the skin to Progenitor Cells, essential building blocks of the skin’s structure.

The result is a time-release delivery system that helps skin rebound with resilient new architecture and extreme support.

DECORTÉ Vi-Fusion™

– radical new approach that works to holistically strengthen,

regenerate and empower the skin.

As a weekly ritual, or during times of stress, this plush treatment mask penetrates the delicate eye area in concentrated rejuvenating actives to quickly sweep away the look of dryness, lines and wrinkles for an enlivened, vital appearance.

DECORTÉ Vi-Fusion™, a proprietary elixir, strengthens, regenerates and empowers the skin to renew its life force.
Dermatologically tested. 

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