“Takashima partners with Japan’s KOSÉ Group, coming soon to the USA in 2024.”

Mar 10, 2024

Maison KOSÉ銀座




Maison kose store in Omotesando, Tokyo

Maison kose store in Ginza, Tokyo

Ageless relaxation shopping hall makes people want to visit again and again!  coming soon to U.S.A. X THE SHOPS Arcadia


JCOSME proudly announces an exclusively appointed collaboration with KOSÉ first ever Maison KOSÉ with Experience the beauty of KOSÉ Concept store "Maison KOSÉ,  A variety of brand products developed by KOSÉ, You can enjoy a new experience of makeup and beauty using digital technology. And a beauty consultant who is a makeup professional will welcome you to experience. coming soon in the U.S. 

On the iPad, you can experience various categories of products led by eye makeup, beyond the framework of the brand, and experience the feeling of changing clothes.

Areas with ALL KOSE products. All kinds of testers can be tried freely.

Personal Lesson ALLKOSÉ
Maison KOSÉOmotesando's exclusive beauty consultant carries out personal makeup courses according to customers' troubles and preferences. There are eyebrow tracing courses, base makeup courses, and eye makeup courses to choose from.

Personal Lesson decorte

1-on-1 advice & lectures provided by professional staff. Learn the correct skin care and makeup methods suitable for your skin, a skin care course with skin measurement. Finally, it is recommended to increase the sense of cleanliness and achieve a good impression of instrument makeup.

Hair care services, skin care, makeup courses, etc. A variety of reservation menus have been prepared.

Please choose according to your own requirements.

・not sure about the makeup that suits me.

・challenge the new makeup.

The exclusive BEAUTY SPECIALIST will help you solve the troubles and challenges of makeup. Please experience the special Makeup Lecture unique to Maison KOSÉ, which operates various high silk brands.


Ask customers about their troubles and impressions they want to be, in order to further improve their charm in the makeup method course. 

Maison KOSÉ BEAUTY SPECIALIST will use technology and skills to make personal suggestions according to everyone's troubles and requirements.

<Experience Process>

■ If you want to serve, please tell the staff and we will give you an order.

In addition to various brands and free packaging, MaisonKOSÉ has prepared original packaging.

A message card that can simply convey the mood 

It can be handed over to you after the laser engraving service on the spot.

WRAPPING will provide various seasonal boutique packaging services

Maison KOSÉ STORES coming soon

The head office of Maison KOSÉ is pleased to announce that they will be sending their most professional beauty consultant directly from Japan to assist customers in the first “Maison KOSÉ” flagship store in North America. The store is based on the concept of “Find Your Own Beauty” and promises an immersive sensory experience. With the help of an exclusive beauty consultant, every customer can find their unique beauty. Please stay tuned for brand news and updates on the opening event, which will be announced in due course.


Please follow us for media and brand news, as well as updates on our opening events. Stay tuned!

Hiring - Maison kose 

Beauty Consultant Hiring 

info@jcosmeusa.com OR Click 

Contact head office : 909-598-7388 

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