Mar 21, 2024

CANMAKE Colorful Nails

You'll want to collect all of them!
Uses a long-lasting base formulation that has superb shine and is easy to apply.  

Long-lasting, quick-drying, with fantastic shine! Creates a finish that looks beautiful whenever you gaze at it. Also resistant to wearing off, so the glossy, wet look lasts and lasts for a long time.

Please note!
Please use the base coat. Depending on the condition of your nails (*), the pigment may remain on your nails as yellowing even after you remove it with nail polish remover. Pay particular attention to items with strong colors such as red and yellow. The trick is to layer the nail color after the base coat has dried completely! (* Weak nails, dry nails, long toes, etc.)

CANMAKE Foundation Colors

The new milky color 06.07 joins the nail foundation CANMAKE "Foundation Colors" that makes your nails look beautiful! It's all 5 colors♡

With a sheer color, it naturally covers the unevenness, uneven color, and yellowing of the nails♡

You can adjust it to your favorite density by layering ♪ If you use it as a colored base coat with one coat, it will prevent the color transfer of nail color and color development & mochi UP 

This spring, the label design will be renewed sequentially from the heart to the ribbon!

The brush also fits the shape of the nail more, and I changed it to a round brush that is easy to apply ♪

►01 Natural Pink

A sheer pink that adds a sense of blood color

In a cute atmosphere

►02 Lavender Pink

A sheer bluish pink that gives a sense of blood color and transparency

Directing beautiful fingertips

►04 pale pink

Milky pale pink to tone up your nails

For a neat impression

►06 sheer apricot (limited color)

Apricot familiar to the skin that gives a natural blood color

For an elegant impression

►07 Milky orange (limited color)

Milky orange that suppresses dullness

For a fresh impression

Please tell me the color you want to use from 01 to 07 color number!

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