CANMAKE COLORFUL NAIL Limited x Appearance of glittering colors inspired by Party #Colorful Nails

Mar 13, 2024

CANMAKE Nail color with plenty of color, gloss, hold, and easy to apply It dries quickly and has a beautiful finish

<Limited color>

Sheer black with silver and gold lame

Layer it on your favorite color and change it to the nuance!

"Prom Queen" is a dance party held near graduation at an American high school. It is said that the one who is chosen there is called prom queen. An attractive color that can be the leading role like such a prom queen


Reddish brown with shining gold pearls

"Girls' Night Out" means a girls' party.

A color that everyone says, "That nail is cute


Purple full of gold glitter

"Shopping Spurry" means explosive buying. A color that expresses such a feeling that I can't stop shopping


Plenty of orange lame

"BFF" stands for best friends forever, which means best friend forever. A color inspired by a best friend who is as bright as the sun

Perfect for the event season starting from Halloween with adult color x rich shine~

Let's enjoy the glittering feeling according to your clothes and mood


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