2024 NEW X mapepe Introducing a soft type shampoo brush, scalp massage brush, and relaxing scalp care brush that can be used in 2 ways!

Mar 10, 2024

Relaxing scalp care brush <soft>

In-bus or out-bus! The small protrusions provide pleasant stimulation and massage the scalp.

How to use

  • Apply the brush lightly to your scalp and apply with moderate pressure.
  • Hold it as shown in the illustration above and use it by gently moving it in small increments.
  • When changing the position of the brush, move it slightly away from the scalp.
please note

*Do not press it too hard or move it too much. Also, do not move the brush while it is attached to your scalp. Doing so may damage your scalp or cause your hair to become tangled.

◆As a shampoo brush
The small projections reach the scalp well, removing dirt and stickiness from the scalp that are difficult to remove with just your fingertips, leaving you feeling refreshed after washing!
◆For massaging the scalp
The small projections gently stimulate and massage the scalp. Refresh with pleasant stimulation

How to use

When used as a shampoo brush
Lather the shampoo thoroughly before use. 
Lightly place the bumps on your scalp and move the brush in small, rocking motions, following the direction of the hair. 
  • <Note> Please do not use the brush when rinsing as it may become less slippery and may tangle your hair.
When using for scalp massage
Apply it lightly to the affected areas of your scalp and move it in a shaking motion.
When you want to provide pleasant stimulation to your scalp
Lightly tap the entire scalp.
<How to care>
After use, to prevent deformation, deterioration, mold, etc. from forming on this product, do not leave any cosmetics (shampoo, etc.) that may have adhered to it; rinse thoroughly, drain water, and store cleanly in a well-ventilated place. please.

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