2024 New x Fiancee The sweet and gentle scent of lilac, the flower of first love

Mar 10, 2024

The sweet and gentle scent of lilac, the flower of first love

Fiancee Body mist UI [limited]

Product description

A soft and transparent fragrance inspired by the flower language of lilac, ``first love.'' The purity of first love is expressed with flowers, and the delicate heart is expressed with musk. This scent is recommended for situations where a sense of cleanliness is important.

Characteristics of ingredients

●The top note has a refreshing impression of citrus, the middle is a gentle scent of flowers such as lilac, and the last is a soft and transparent fragrance wrapped in musk.

About use

Spray onto your skin such as your wrists and neck and let it absorb. 

●Do not use on areas with abnormalities such as wounds, swelling, and eczema. ●Do not use on the armpits. ●Please use carefully to check that there are no abnormalities on your skin. If you notice any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss (vitiligo, etc.) or darkening, we recommend that you stop using the product and consult our contact information or a dermatologist. Continued use may worsen symptoms. ●Please note that if you apply it to skin exposed to direct sunlight, it may cause a rash or stains. ●Due to the characteristics of the product, the color may vary slightly, but this does not affect the quality. ●Please note that in rare cases, it may stain light-colored clothing. ●Be sure to tightly close the cap after use. ●Do not store in extremely hot or cold places, or in direct sunlight. ●Please keep out of reach of children. ●It is flammable, so please be careful of fire.

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