2024 NEW CANMAKE X Get the custom-made experience with a palette of shades you choose yourself♡

Mar 10, 2024



Pick your preferred shades to create a face color palette unique to you

Fits up to four shades—just choose which ones you want ♡

We’ll show you our suggested combinations!

Pick your preferred shades to create a face color palette unique to you

Example 1
Ideal for a date ♡
Romantic make-up

Example 2
For a bright, fresh look!
Healthy-looking make-up

Example 3

For a dignified impression ♡
Cool make-up

Example 4

Recommended for work
Office make-up

Choose from 3 textures and an abundant range of shades ♪

My Tone Couture GT, My Tone Couture PT, My Tone Couture MT

☆Can be removed with face wash alone
☆Contains beautifying and moisturizing ingredients 

[Glossy finish]
Packed with pearl for a luminous finish ♡
You can also use these shades with other items for a change of nuance, or individually as highlighters!

01 Crystal Dazzle

A beige that provides outstanding definition, without looking powdery.

02 Fruit Punch

A coral that swathes you in a happy aura.

03 Icy Lilac

A lilac with translucence.

[Pearl finish]
Dainty pearl particles create a luster that seems to infuse your skin from within ♡

01 Pure Angel

This pale pink provides an adorably pure impression.

02 Custard

This yellow banishes dullness to transform your skin tone.

03 Mikan Smoothie

A fresh, cheerful orange.

[Matte finish]
Silky-smooth texture and soft, airy color.

01 Peach Chai Tea

A mellow, sophisticated pinkish beige.

02 Sakura Milk

The soft pink of a baby’s skin.

03 Berry

This berry pink enhances your seductiveness.

04 Ash

A grayish brown for creating natural-looking shadows.

Create a palette unique to you ♡
Custom case for the My Tone Couture range

CANMAKE Just For Me Palette  


Comes with a large mirror for better visibility 

<How to Refill the Case>
☆ When inserting and removing the inner trays (My Tone Couture), 
take care not to scrape the contents with your nails or toothpick, etc.

(1) Open the outer lid and use your thumb and index finger to steady the inner lid, 
as shown in the diagram.
Press the part sticking out near your thumb inward and slowly lift the lid.

(2) Place the My Tone Couture inner trays (sold separately) in the palette,
inside the sections marked on the base.
★ You can insert an odd number of colors if you wish.

(3) Slowly lower the inner lid and then press down on the left and right edges 
of the inner lid until you hear a click.
★ If you leave the lower 2 of the 4 spaces empty, 
you can store the Buddy Duo Brush inside the case as well. 

Can be stored in the Just For Me Palette or the accompanying brush case

Double-ended brush designed for the Just For Me Palette

CANMAKE Buddy Duo Brush  


Luxuriant double-ended brush

*Information current at the time of writing.

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